A Friend

Is it now a case of,
we were once best friends.
Now seems we just look at each
other almost as if not known.
We went through so much together
I thought we would always
be the strongest of friends,
but I guess I once again wrong,
I always said nothing would
come between us, but yet it
seems like something did.
What it is, I do not know!
We just split up and now hardly talk.
Things feel weird when your not around,
I'm used to seeing you everyday and
we'd tell each other whats new in life.
What I'd want to say now, no ones
there now to listen.
I thought we were friends but seems
something part us.
You have your life and I have mine,
I just hope that you know I'm still
here and always will be here
for you if you need someone.
Forever life in my heart,
Love You, Friend!



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