I'm done with this blog.

Like everywhere else, this blog to is a failure. Writing in a journal seems to collect peeking eyes, blogging and anywhere else I have tried isn't working. So there no other chance of any kind for an outage, venting or whatever one wants to call it, and I've no choice but to leave keep it all within myself. But some have a problem with what I say,  and some think I need to explain myself, but I will not explain my every move nor will I be censered.

Also I go to facebook last evening, It was nice to know I only have two fans or whatever called. It was suppose to list the top ten people. Ha! It could only list two out of ten people. Real fuckin' fun to learn how people care..... less

Warning: Not responsible from here on out if I blow up on someones ass!  *muhahahaaa...*

No more....

in me to give to this blog. No heart to put into it.
I've looked at this screen for a half hour now and nothing will come to me, or nothing I can say. Just one more thing to fail at.

Well, How's Your World??

Upside down???