These colors are not working for me

Not to happy with banner/header either. :-)
Time for a make over on this place!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

    I'm also keeping an eye on both you and Martha to see what you add to your sidebar that I might like to have as well.

  2. I am still looking/browsing to see what I can find Sandy lolol but might have to leave this for tomorrow.

  3. Yeah, it must be late where you are now. Time for bed??

    I see you have put the comments block on your blog now Martha. Did you use the one in the gadgets section or did you use the manual one from Tips for New Bloggers.

    I also like having my twitter feed on mine as well. That was added via the gadget on the blog.

    I don't know whether to put Recent posts on mine as you have Chilly. Still thinking on that. Trouble is my sidebars are getting rather long.

  4. This might be chilly LOL11/06/2010

    Hi Ladies!
    Bad part is I have no idea which direction I want to go, just know I don't like what I have! lol

  5. Well, the recent posts is not for me. Many people like to see that to find ez what is latest up to date.

    I still have to add twitter here.

  6. Oh I just enjoy learning new things and have fun doing that lol but yeah almost time for bed here Sandy.

    Hmm lemme think ...I'm sure I did the manual one as was shown in Tips for New Bloggers

  7. I like what you have done here.

    The comments area needs a bit of a tweek though, they are running off to the right a bit.


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