Wanna Link Back???

Or not, that's all good. lol
Made a link back button for Season's In Hell... for if anyone wants to link back, they are welcome to grab my 125px x 125px logo image and plant it any where that you think is in an easy to find place. For anyone wanting it, it's easy to find in sidebar plus I'll post it here too.

Season's In Hell
Wish to link back to my blog, just copy code below to grab my logo image.


  1. Aww, that's a nice button matie. I can use that on Yuku as well.

  2. Did a great job making that button Chilly :) now for me to figure out how to do the next bit lol.

  3. Thanks and yep Sandy!

    Thanks Martha! What next bit you meaning??? Is it the scroll down box with coding in it??? If so, Get you a button and I give you the whole code. Then all you have to do is change my names and URL's to yours.

  4. Got the code and just made a button thanks heaps Chilly :) Now I need to think of where I put it in my blog hahahahaha


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