Twitter Trash

Can't believe one day back on Twitter, there's a girl following me. Trace her down to see who it is and I ended up on a damn adult site. She's wanting me to pay to watch her on a webcam.
Everywhere I go these days, it's the same old thing. But I see Twitter has a new layout and I have to learn all over again how to dump her. It never ends!


  1. I still use the old layout. I tried the new but I couldn't get on with it.

    I went through all my crap followers yesterday. It only takes a few mins so it doesn't bother me.

    Funny thing is, Twitter was invented for mini blogging. Then all the businesses jumped on the band wagon, and now those business and those that take Twitter far too seriously are complaining about those of us that use it for exactly what it was designed for.

    Made me laugh though. Yesterday I had an arsehole following me. This last few days I have been mini blogging on it so that it shows up on my Blogspot. Whoever it was got fed up with being inundated with my crap twitters and deleted themselves from following me.

    I found that hilarious.

  2. LOL That is to funny! May have to try that.

    I got the new twitter layout. I started a new twitter account to go with this new blog. Kinda like a new fresh beginning all around. So I guess all new accounts get the new layout. I may have to give it up and go back to old account I already had because I don't like the new at all.

  3. You should have a link that says click to go back to the old style.

    You see where your name is on the far right on the black navigation bar. That is a drop down menu. Doesn't it give you an option to "Leave Preview" or similar?

    Or if you have an old style account that you haven't used for a while, go in and change the name of that to something different to start afresh.

  4. Thanks Sandy! There was a link to make it the old version of twitter.

  5. Oh good. I wasn't 100% sure it would be there for you when you said you got the new look on creating the account.


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