Another Election Day Behind Me!

And what a long ass day it was!
Yesterday we had to work at the polls again here in Georgia. A small run off between two Judges is all it was about. We even had a small crew made up of four of us working this time.
I got word that this run off cost our county $23,000. A high dollar figure like that for what in hell??? Well, I'll tell you for what...

For NOTHING that I can see, other than for four of us to show up and sit on out ass all day and do nothing! Oh we had 29 people to come in to vote. Got home that another polling place up the road from us had 8 people to come in and vote. So seems to be nothing more than a waste of money that the county don't have to piss in the wind.

It even rained all day which I think is partly to blame for people not coming out to vote. Storms got pretty bad later in the evening. Had tornado warnings most of the evening and had two tornadoes touch down maybe 10 miles from us that damaged a few houses by what I heard. That's a bit to close. ;-)

At least yesterday was the last wasted election I have to be bothered with this year.
So that's all for now I have to say...


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