Home for Christmas

Okay, not really on Christmas, but we got invited to a Christmas party with some great friends, which is more like my family more than friends. Anyway, they invited us up for the party with their family this past weekend.
Our car is getting miles on it and also has a few bad oil leaks that makes it used a bit of oil so we decided to rent a car to drive back home which is about 3 1/2 hours north of here.

Ha, was beginning to wonder if we would get a car. Wanda called about getting a car two weeks ago, then Friday we called about getting the car early that morning. Well, we were suppose to pick it up around 9:00am, but the car wasn't in and found out the car they were going to rent us was wrecked and they had no other car. Well, around 12:00 noon we started getting annoyed with them. So another car came in that was bigger, nicer than we were planning to get. So they gave us that car for the price of the other car plus knocked a day off the total rental price. So we done pretty good at getting a car other than leaving about 5 hours late but we were still alright on getting up the road.

Finally getting to North Carolina that Friday evening. Had a great time there. The weekend just went by to fast and I wasn't ready to come back but had to. It was a Christmas just like I used to know. House full of people. Had tons of great food. And had kids running around playing. And no tension! Saturday we even had snow fall all day. Snow didn't lay much but still fun to watch it fall.
It was really fun to have another big Christmas get together again as I had given up all hopes to ever see it again.

Then got home, I believe it colder down here in Georgia than it was up in North Carolina. And walked into the house and heard a chirping sound about like a bird makes. The batteries had ran down in the smoke alarms sometime during the weekend while we were away. So I had to change the batteries because there's  no more annoying sound than hearing them chirping every half minute. lol

Thanks Danny and Jeanette!


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