Pondering On Love

Why does love escape??? Shouldn't love be forever once you find it no matter what happens???
Love should never be annoying and love should never be a question in your heart or mind. Do you think one can find love in the same person ever again if the love is ever weakened or lost?? But should a person ever even want to find it again with the one which love was lost???
And maybe a big question should be, just how long does one go trying to find these answers before you give up and say it's enough??

All just a question....


  1. NutBar1/20/2011

    From my experience Chilly, it's a very bad idea to return to the scene of the crime. There are issues of revenge just waiting to rear their ugly head. No matter if it's you or your partner who does the harboring,it's very damaging to the soul. Forward is better than backward, especially in matters of the heart. There are at least a thousand soul-mates for every person on Earth. You'll probably bump into another one sooner or later, if you are free. :-*

  2. A thousand?? OMG!! 8-} That's scarey!! =))

    But your opinion is pretty much the way I'm thinking.
    Hello Nutbar! Nice to see you stopping by! :-*


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