Just Something I'm Playing With...

If your very careful you can find a place,

down yonder in internet alley.

but beware my friend for there's Sandy with her green lips

and purple makeup giving us all the Queens wave.

And one can't forget about dragons,

For their mean and hiding in the walls.

Then you might find Lin dancing with her piano in the stars and

Rachel will blind you with her light so bright helping

Martha drag you off to her paradise island down under.

And ya got to love our two favorites,

Pie throwing, broad spamming, Dawn and Beth.

One will lure you with her evil charm as the other grabs your beer.

But never feit, Shanice and Catrianna standing ready to launch

pies at those two beer stealing sisters.

Oh lord, bless the Queen as I teach em' real English.

Trying to get out with my life as I buzz through.

But ya know I have a blast with em' all.

And one can't forget confused.com

As these women have no mercy on a shy mutt like me.

Now this is my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Of coarse until I find one better...

Don't believe me, just gotta ask, cuz I'll tell ya no wrong.

And Oh lord, bless the Queen as I teach em' real English.


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