No more....

in me to give to this blog. No heart to put into it.
I've looked at this screen for a half hour now and nothing will come to me, or nothing I can say. Just one more thing to fail at.


  1. I never try to blog. I only blog when something actually starts making me ponder or if something actually happens in my life that I want to share.

  2. I have on one thing right now I'm pondering on. My head won't get passed it and I can't post, so I'm stuck which makes this blog come to a stand still.
    And I'm bored outta my mind. Plus I'm getting all the request on a come back which I can't do.

  3. If I try to blog I get nothing but I could be doing something completely different and suddenly there's an idea in my head and I blog about that then.

    I'm trying not to blog about everyday things but more about things/issues that matter to me if that makes sense. ;)

  4. well, I was trying to come up with something since I hadn't posted anything but pictures. I like pictures but writing something is good for a blog too.


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