I'm done with this blog.

Like everywhere else, this blog to is a failure. Writing in a journal seems to collect peeking eyes, blogging and anywhere else I have tried isn't working. So there no other chance of any kind for an outage, venting or whatever one wants to call it, and I've no choice but to leave keep it all within myself. But some have a problem with what I say,  and some think I need to explain myself, but I will not explain my every move nor will I be censered.

Also I go to facebook last evening, It was nice to know I only have two fans or whatever called. It was suppose to list the top ten people. Ha! It could only list two out of ten people. Real fuckin' fun to learn how people care..... less

Warning: Not responsible from here on out if I blow up on someones ass!  *muhahahaaa...*


  1. Chilly I wouldn't trust FB's fan following stuff at all. I tried that ones and had people on my list that I didn't even know and yes my FB is private. My son told me his was a joke to so matie laugh that one off ok!

    Look if you want to write about how you feel and you post that online then you will get people commenting on it. Isn't that half the reason why anyone does post this online?

  2. I have no problem with the fact that people read and even commenting. It's the one that get a one sided story and believe that story making me look like an ass. Then there's the ones that can't take what I say like a human being. They want to fight about it and can't understand I to have a right to an opinion and their way is not the only way on the planet!
    This is only a part of it all. This blog couldn't hold all I'd like to say!

  3. Chilly there are things that make people uneasy and I suppose it's to hard to even get close to what's really happening in your world.
    Maybe it's the wording or maybe people just don't get where you're coming from and therefor don't really understand what you're talking about.

    Maybe a more general approach to whatever consumes you will work. Just my thoughts here and definitely no judgment ok!

  4. I've been saying what I feel the way I feel it going on pretty near 40 years and don't know any other way to say something other than come right out with it.

    Ya know, there's kind of a unwritten rule for the internet that most people know that's been online for a while that goes something like, 'If you don't like something, don't read or look at it and move on'.

    I know what your saying Martha and no harm done. :) HUGS!!

  5. Hey Chilly you know I don't mean any nastiness here so please don't take this the wrong way.

    I fully get what you mean with saying what you want when you want; hec I'm pretty much the same in that regard but .... other people are entitled to do the same don't you think?

    If and I'm not even sure how that works lolol you only want to write/vent without getting comments, can't you disable comments?

    Hugsssss Martha


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